Becoming a Foster Family

Becoming a foster parent is extremely rewarding. By fostering, you're saving more than one life; you are saving two. The first one by allowing us to pull the Lab from the shelter and the second by removing the first from the shelter, because a cage has opened up for another needy dog. Once your foster Lab finds a loving family, you can open your home to another rescue dog that desperately needs it.


To become a foster parent for North Star, you need to be willing to love, honor, and cherish your foster dog; be willing to accept lots of love and wet kisses, and have the patience and commitment to be able to deal with some "mistakes" as your foster adjusts to a new life.


We are a no-kill dog rescue, which means that the dogs never "run out of time" and it may take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of months to find their perfect new homes.  We supply all the vet care and always are available to help should you have questions or concerns.


What makes it all worthwhile is knowing that because of you, the Lab is alive and thriving, and on its way to a great forever home!

Potential foster families must complete our Foster Application for review by the North Star team.  If approved, they must sign a Foster Home Agreement before a Lab can be transported to their home.

Our ability to save Labs is limited only by the number of families willing to open their homes and hearts to a rescue Lab.  


Join us and help a loving Lab on its way home!

Fill out a Foster Application today!

North Star Labrador Retriever Rescue reserves the right to deny an application to foster if the team determines that the needs of a rescue dog cannot be met.