Adopting a Labrador Retriever

Adopting a rescue Lab is a decision few people ever live to regret.   Rescue dogs seem to know when they have been given a second chance.   Deep in their eyes you will see the gratitude as you build a lifelong relationship with a rescue dog.
North Star Labrador Retriever Rescue of Mass.

Based on our knowledge of each dog and its temperament, we carefully match adopter preferences to our dogs in need and work to help you find the perfect family companion. 


Potential Adopters must complete our Adoption Application and fill out an Adoption Agreement.  Our standard adoption fee is $400 and there may be a modest transport adjustment fee for "far north" transports.  Adoption fee for puppies that are too young to s/n is $450 and adopters will be refunded $50 if they present NSLR with proof of s/n within 2 weeks of the procedure.

Are you ready for a rescue Lab?  You should only consider adopting a Lab if you can provide:

-Adequate food, water, indoor shelter

-Regular exercise and socialization

-Routine vet care for health including heartworm and flea/tick prevention

-Patient, consistent training and retraining, as needed

-Lots of affection!  And a safe, loving environment.

North Star Labrador Retriever Rescue reserves the right to deny an application for adoption if the team determines that the needs of a rescue dog cannot be met.