Welcome to North Star Labrador Retriever Rescue!

In our pages you will find Labs of all sizes and colors who deserve a second chance!   We invite you to join our efforts to bring them to forever homes by becoming a foster family, adopting, donating to Labs in need, and sharing.    
Who are We?  
We are a small group of volunteers devoted to rescuing Labrador Retrievers and Labrador Retriever-mixes from overcrowded southern shelters and bringing them safely to forever homes.  Without rescue, many of these wonderful Labs would end up euthanized in these shelters.

About the Breed

Labrador Retrievers are an ideal family-friendly dog.  Sensitive, smart, devoted and sociable, a Lab easily befriends other dogs, often cats, and is typically excellent with children.  Labs are loyal, playful, eager to please and love.  They appreciate room to grow, exercise, and consistency in training.  A Lab will be a true friend and companion for life!


Our Rescue Labs

Some have been abandoned, neglected, or surrendered by their owners by choice or through unfortunate circumstances and deserve better.  Whether you foster or adopt, we work carefully to know and understand the temperament/needs of each dog and place it based on adopter/foster preferences and environment.  Our Labs are fully vetted prior to placement.

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